Yves Saint Laurent Shocking Mascara

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Name: Yves Saint Laurent Shocking Mascara

Price: £23.50

Where: YSL counters, Online


In December, a very good friend of mine H had 40% off Yves Saint Laurent and Lancôme, as part of a Christmas deal – I jumped at the chance as I use their Eyeliner Noir – review here. While on the website, I noticed some other things that I thought I might like to try, like their Cream Eyeliner – review here, and the famous touché éclat – review here, which I’ve always put off buying because I felt the full price wasn’t worth it as there was so little in the tube – but at 40% off, it was definitely worth a try!

YSL’s Shocking mascara is shockingly expensive (full price retails at £23.50) – but at 40% off, it was definitely affordable! I love the ‘Cleopatra’ feel to the packaging, ostentatiously gold and in your face. The mascara is also shockingly good – though for that sort of money, I expected my lashes to grow wings and fly. But no – YSL have definitely come up with a winner here. Lashes are definitely fuller and longer. Would I buy again? Definitely.

Get it here online.

Yves Saint Laurent Shocking Mascara

P/S: Sorry about the red in my eyes – a second before I put the mascaras on I caught some dust and began furiously rubbing away!

PP/S: Note to self: Not a good idea to rub eye until red-raw when one is going to take a picture of said for the website where others can see.

PPP/S: Perhaps its time to vacuum the carpet as there is DUST around???!!!

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