13 hours later… the eagle has landed… just about!

The flight took about 13 hours – which, is long.  Finally, the eagle has landed. You do get used to it though as I’ve done this flight tons of times.  There are also a ton of movies to watch, which saves us a ton of money (if we don’t watch them on the plane we make sure we see them at the cinema).  Then there is the Duty Free On-Board shopping, not to mention the secret trolley of sweets and chocolate when the lights go dim in the cabin (just ask the stewards/stewardesses!)

Whenever I go back to Singapore, I always do the same things – visit friends, spend loads of time with family etc. This time, Ive promised myself that I would do different things in addition to friends and family.  Here is my list:

  • Go to the beach in Sentosa
  • Visit a national park for mellie-wells (family doggy)
  • Try a new restaurant
  • Visit Little India/Chinatown/Malay Village (for the better half who has never been)

How many of these we will get to do – For now though – I need to sleep.  Its +8 hours here and I didn’t get too much sleep on the flight. I hope you are having a better day than grumpy ol’ me! Speak soon.


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