85% off the Outnet?!?!?!? YES PLEASE!

85% off the outnet

85% off the Outnet for the next 7 days?!?! Oh My God. Hold the phones, cancel your dates and forget about washing your hair. The little sister of Net-a-Porter, where I covet almost everything they have to offer and regularly check to see if they have good sales on – perhaps when my lottery numbers come up eh?!   If you didn’t already know, let me explain (promise it will only take a few seconds) Net-A-Porter is a fabulous, very respected, very fashionable website offering the cream de la cream of designer labels – its basically Bond Street and Harrods coming to you and who could complain about that really?!?!

The Outnet is Net-A-Porters trendy little sister (much like the giraffe-legged sister is to me)  – who has a little less money to spend, but is still as fashionable and still as fabulous…what are you waiting for!?!? Stop reading this bloody post and go to the website to bag yourself some fabulous things for the coming summer before they are all gone (probably in my shopping basket!!) !!!

Quick – Link below! HURRYYYYYYY!!!!!

P/S: Please don’t forget to tell me what you have bought so I can ogle at them too!!


Happy shopping!


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