A trip to Sentosa beach – a bit of sun is good for everyone!



Saturday morning found us at Sentosa yet again – yes, we were here last night with the dinner at The Cliff. This time, we were here with the GLS to get some beach time in (mainly for the better half as he is SOOO pale)

Now, as many of you might know (or maybe not) I don’t like the sun very much, as I have old scars that show up a lot more when I catch a bit of sun – and I am SOOO conscious of these. Nonetheless, we went and after applying my SPF110 on, I was ready to go.

Sentosa has 4 beaches – all prestine (much like the rest of Singapore) We went to Siloso Beach. Here are some pictures from that day:

IMG_7315 IMG_7309

Yes Yes Yes – we knew we were on Siloso beach – not for lack of signage though!

IMG_7183 (400x267)

The water was warm – thank’s to the 34deg temperature that day!

It took me about 15 minutes to funny submerge myself in the water – I hate being wet!


Palm trees everywhere – they thrive in this weather!

So very idyllic

So very idyllic

GLS mucking about

GLS mucking about

There's a zip line that You can also get on - we didn't though - I'm way too scared!

There’s a zip line that You can also get on – we didn’t though – I’m way too scared!

I don’t know if this picture is big enough for you to see the person hanging off the zip line. Me? On the zip line? Are you having a laugh?! Hahahaha. Chicken much? HELL YEAH!

There are LOADS of other things to do on Sentosa besides the gorgeous beaches, check it out here.










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