Absence makes the heart grow fonder


They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder – and I’m starting to believe it.  The better half if in Germany on business, so that leaves me and the two babies to guard the house. Never mind that these two babies are not guard dogs (one will lick you to death and the other perhaps barks you to death), and that I am convinced that (but not limited to);

  • There is a rogue ghost in one of the bathrooms in the house
  • Someone is going to break in to murder me
  • I watch too much Jerry Springer and think up bizarre scenarios that I later play out in my head

Nope. He didn’t think about all of that. He left muttering something about ‘having to go as he is looking after our future blah blah blah’. Whatever.  :/

Anyway, this now means two things:

  1. I have to get up early to make sure the babies are fed before I got to work.
  2. I will not sleep as I get insomnia when he leaves

Ergo: I am going to be very tired (and grumpy) at work.


Imagine my surprise when I found the above note under my pillow this morning… followed by another note;


Altogether now….. awwwwwwww. Alas – all is forgiven!! He is not a romantic at the best of times, he’s more a practical rose plant than a bunch of roses kind of guy (which is fine as the bunch of roses always die and then I’ll feel sad)  But at times like these, I realise how lucky I am (and maybe his heart is not made of tin?! JOKING!)  Ok Ok, enough of this gushing love for the better half of me (who at the moment, I know is out with other people in a posh Italian restaurant, drinking German beer and watching the football), while I am home, waiting for the ping of the washing machine, simultaneously typing and stroking BG#1’s belly while he sleeps (yes I multi-task, I am a woman after all)

Dinner for 1? Yes. Whatever was left in the fridge – Spinach and Leeks, and so i fried them with olive oil, hey, at least it was a healthy dinner eh!?   Wasn’t in a mood to eat much anyway as had loads at lunch, it was A’s birthday and he put on quite a spread, yes I stuffed my face with yum-yums (first time I have tried them and they were very yummy! (no pun intended!)

boring ol' dinner of leek and spinach in olive oil

boring ol’ dinner of leek and spinach in olive oil

On my way home, I saw these and I loved them. The stunning colours are just gorgeous. Oh I really hope my flowers in my hanging baskets are just as gorgeous of these!



Then there were these trees that lined the driveway – very Wisteria Lane! I don’t know what they are called though, the ones in front of them had pink flowers.


Right – shower now, then I have to put the clothes out, then make a hot drink and continue on with my SEO for the website.  I will have to try and sleep some, unless Jerry Springer tells me otherwise of course. And I also have to think about what to wear for work tomorrow, can’t go in boring ol’ jeans, its Friday after all!! Tomorrow the better half comes back!! Hooray! Absence makes the heart grow fonder? It sure seems that way folks!

Speak soon lovelies,


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