Back to London and I am partially frozen. My Favourite.

We came back on the 2nd of April and I dived straight into work – a mountain of emails greeted me and hours of jet lag was my main friend for the whole of the week. Its Saturday today – and I feel remotely human. Back to London – I am definitely happy about one thing – I get to see my babies again and God, I love them insanely.

There is still:

  • Mountains of unpacking to do
  • Loads of washing
  • meetings with wardrobe people (SOOOO excited we might be getting new wardrobes soon) (MAYBE)
  • Having to go to the tip as we have the old floorboard sitting in the spare bathroom
  • Still loads to do on the website review part – so much to upload!

Right – I have decided since I was getting a bonus in April, I was going to take the better half out to a nice meal and so I have booked Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester.  We have been here before and we loved it – this time, I promise to take pictures.

I hear the washing machine stop – which means one thing my lovelies. One more load needs to go in! Welcome back to London indeed!



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