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So, Ive been writing this blog for a while now but took almost a year off last year while I was sick (pregnancy and all that). Ive only really started getting back into it a month or so ago. I’m pretty much a newbie to it all and still figuring out my ‘meta tags’ from my ‘categories’. Today I found out that some reviews I posted online at a review website had a pretty nasty backlash. Basically I did a no-no – I posted a snippet of what I thought of the product, then included a link back to my website for the full review. ‘A sly review to get more visitors to her website through the link’, ‘if you’re not going to post a full review don’t bother at all!’ – and those were the nice ones. Of course, I updated the reviews with an apology and promptly deleted my account (cue worrying about what people thought about me the rest of the morning) And so, this post is about a blogs do’s and dont’s, according to what i’ve learned so far. Hopefully through reading this you don’t make the same mistakes I do!

Don’t publish part reviews on other review sites and include a link back to your site unless you want nasty comments like I had.

Do optimise SEO on your site and use social media to get your post/blog as out there as possible – certain twitters retweet your post to their followers garnering a larger audience for your tweet and ultimately your post/blog.

Don’t copy someone else’s blog layout – someone, somewhere will pick up on this and once again – you might get nasty comments and/or be accused of not being original.

Do look though word-presses vast array of themes – there are literally hundreds to choose from and modify as you wish. Alternatively, if you really wanted a custom site, you could look at getting someone professional to do one for you, this will cost money though so unless you’re prepared to shell out – I say have a look at the many themes available!

Don’t copy content. Again, its going to come back and bite you squarely in the arse. Write your own or don’t write at all.

Do be genuine and truthful with your reviews. Not everything you try can be great, awesome, cant live without. Being truthful will get you loads more people following you, people respect and appreciate truthful dudes and that is the truth people.

Don’t use someone else’s pictures. Take your own – even if its just with a camera phone (mind you, these days camera phones are really good!) you don’t need the latest Canon SLR to capture pictures. Just make sure they’re your own.

Do ask for permission if you simply must use someone else’s picture’s. Failing to do so might infringe copyright laws and that’s a tricky road you don’t want to tread down

Don’t try to trick Google to get you higher up the ranks by linking your website to everything and anything. Google have become increasingly aggressive in seeking and punish those who do. And believe me, you don’t want Google to penalise you – this would spell bad things for your site.

Do put up genuine links to other sites which are only relevant to what you write about. This way you also reach out to like-minded bloggers and vice-versa, a win-win situation for all!

Don’t just pay money to another blog to advertise with them. Do your research on the blog you want to advertise with – how many hits do they get a day? Do they write about the same things you write? Are they like-minded? Will their audience be the same sort of audience you want to target? There’s no point to advertise your make-up review blog site on a baking blog site (even if the baking site got a billion jillion hits a day!) 🙂

Do consider (if you have the spare money to splash out of course) advertising with a like-minded blog, but do be sure that they get loads of visitors a day/month in order to optimise the value of you placing an advert of your blog with them. Ive done this before with a similar blog site and I can testify that you do get more traffic. However, if you don’t have the spare money, despair not – optimising your site’s SEO will eventually get you more traffic, it will just take a little longer.

Right – those are all I can think of for now. Perhaps I will do and Blogs do’s and dont’s as I go along, learning as a I blog! Ok, I’m off to check up on the baby now, and drink a big cup of tea and eat a big packet of crisps – I deserve it I think!

If you have anything that you think should be a ‘do’ or a ‘don’t’ when it comes to blogging, I would love to hear from you! Please leave it in the comment section and ill include your name and blog in my next ‘blog’s do’s and dont’s’ post. Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

Toodles for now,


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