Day 1 – no salt no sugar no alcohol. No normality.

On Saturday morning I burst out crying. No not because I’m crazy (OK I am, but this was not the reason!) My skin has been acting up ever since I’ve been back home. Saturday morning I awoke to find my left cheek totally annihilated with pimples. And I mean annihilated. So I burst out crying. I mean. I’m 28 – shouldn’t this stop now?! WAHHHHHH!!

The better half came down to try and knock some sense into me, notice I say try – I (rarely) never listen to him. On this occasion, I decided to not jump the gun (as I normally do) and perhaps (hopefully) prove him wrong. He said it’s my diet – too much sugar, too much salt. I disagree wholeheartedly. Ive always lived on sugar and salt – and why is it only now it chooses to affect me. Anyway – I’m broke so a visit to Harley Street is out of the question no matter how desperate I am.

So – 1 week. No added salt. No sugar. No junk food. No alcohol. We’ll see.

I’m going to struggle end of. Its now 2.50 and all I’ve had is (tasteless) mushroom soup and (boring) water. Fun, fun, fun! Laterz. :/


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