Day 2 – I’m still standing (Just)

So, Day 2 of my no alcohol, no sugar and no salt regime. The skin is not that much better – but its only day 2 – I don’t believe in miracles.  I am struggling though – yesterday I fell asleep on the sofa – woke up at midnight – started speaking gibberish a little and then popped off again.  I am not certain I can keep this up at all!  Yesterday while walking home from the train station, I thought I was going to faint!

Well – we had the last of the quotations for a new wardrobe today – the guy came over an hour late, the better half had to run off to karate, and so I was left holding the baby.  Basically, its now down to whether or not we want to do it – cost of course, is a huge factor. Either way – we will decide soon.

P/S: I can’t believe this – never did I imagine the day that I would be eating ‘wholegrain’ ‘low fat’ instant noodles. What has become of me – next thing you’ll hear is me ordering a ‘skinny latte?!?!’ Check this out:


I am seriously taking this no bad food thing too far – Tuesdays are my only days without the better half around to cook with, ergo – its my ‘rubbish dinner’ days. The noodles were OK – was a curry flavoured one, and when you mask anything that average with a strong curry powder, everything tests somewhat OK. Shower time, then back to the website. Laterz. :/



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