Day 3 – trying to make the best out of a bad situation

I think I’m slowly beginning to see how sugar affects me, in a big way. I’m tired all the time, am in no mood for fun and games, and worse, grouchy. Ive not had the best start to my day – and as the day has progressed, it has become even worse – just work stuff really, but I’m really annoyed. I’ve had my (salt-less) soup as I was starving earlier and that made me even more grumpy – I even left some. Now, considering I had almost no dinner last night, for me to leave lunch, is a big thing.

Right – we are almost at the final hurdle of the great wardrobe saga, me and the better half have decided to split the cost, just so I don’t wake up one morning to find a red letter through my letter box saying I was overdrawn. Its now just a matter of who we go with really – SOOOO excited!

Recently, I have been listening to Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars: Safe and Sound  – there’s something so haunting about it. I know its an old song – but hey, i’ve just discovered it. Flintstone or what!? Another song I’ve (rediscovered) – James Morrison’s You Give Me Something. Oh so sexy.

Today 7 years ago my dear grandad passed away – at 5.27pm, peacefully. I miss him terribly but he is better where he is I’m sure. He was like marmite really – luckily, I adore marmite. Today on FB, all 22 of his grandchildren have said they miss him – such is his rich legacy – if he was alive, he would have met his great-grandchildren.

I have no idea what we are going to have for dinner today – decisions decisions! NO I am not having soup – I’m going to having that for lunch everyday this week! Laterzs 🙂


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