Day 4 – Jaded much?

Day 4 of my (the better half’s) mean experiment of no salt, sugar, alcohol to see the effects on my skin.  I seriously considered putting up a picture of me collapsed on the floor due to lack of salt, sugar and wine.  Its odd – I feel odd. I miss sugar and salt and last night, after the day I had at work, I really needed a Rosé big time.  Today has not been better at all – I’m starting to wonder if I should look for a shiny new job – though leaving the company now will be a BAD move as the better half is in the throws of setting up his new business and it would be highly inappropriate and not to mention irresponsible for none of us to have a steady income and a full time job – and so I will have to stay put for now and take one for the team I think.  What a soldier I am (pats own back).

Some days I do sit and wonder if there really is a perfect job out there for all of us, or do we just fall into a comfortable pattern and follow what we think might be what we’re meant to do – even if it’s not what we wanted in the first place?  Growing up, I was convinced I was going to be (in no particular order):

  • A fire-woman
  • A Stewardess
  • A Rock-Star
  • A Lawyer
  • An Undertaker (followed by an embalmer)
  • An Actress

Now 28, I’m starting to wonder if I can still be one of the above? Hahaha. Perhaps eh – perhaps. Always good to dream – people who don’t have dreams, don’t have much (take that Confucius and smoke that in your pipe!).

And so, Day 4 is almost over – roll on Day 5. Exciting times. One more whole day of being bland, Can’t.Bloody.Wait.

Did you have loads of ambitions like me?


P/S: I could really do with a snickers right now.

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