When we descended onto the Ideal Home Exhibition, we were looking at ideas for wardrobes when I saw the most magnificent duvet covet by the modern furniture company Dwell – it was stark white and had a diamond stag head adorned right in the middle of it – now, you might think this is plaine, but, i kid you not – it is magnificent to look at!!  Now, I have many obsessions in my life, healthy and unhealthy (more unhealthy than healthy of course) – my babies are the top, followed a close second by the better half, then make up, food etc etc.

Now in this long list, are duvet covers – I have over 30.  Its crazy and I have been told off many a time by the better half who keeps saying I need to see someone about my OCD with duvets, loo rolls (that’s another story for another day), burning oils, and candles Anyway, I found out that the company that produced these to die for sheets were a company called Dwell and now, they are having a 50% sale! Unfortunately, the duvet cover is not on sale, so for now, it’ll have to wait till I get my bonus this month! Dwell sell home furnishings and if I’m not careful – I could spend a lot of money on here!

Here are some of the VERY good deals (yes I’m in a chrome sort of mood)

Happy shopping!!


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