Fast and Furious 6 Review

Here we are – gone past midnight (we are so rock and roll!) and we are just stumbling home, high on fanta orange, giant hotdogs and stupidly fast cars. Oh yes, I have just gotten my fix of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and a few very fast cars. So, in spite of me being tired, I have decided to write a quick Fast and Furious 6 review while its still fresh in my mind.

Fast and Furious 6 has more of a story line to it than its predecessors. Gone are just the mindless (think words: impossible, crazy, just insane and not possible) racing and scantily clad girls (don’t worry boys it does not disappear completely).  In its place, a storyline that has some substance – for die hard fast and furious fans though, this won’t matter much.  Justin Lin once again lends his directorial skills in this very successful franchise and Chris Morgan puts pen to paper with his storyline –  and he does not disappoint.  The story is a little slow to accelerate, but when it gets going, its really gets going. Fast.

The plot is a rogue ex-SAS agent Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) and his team of baddies are after 3 different components to build some super power nightshade, a device that has the ability to disable power in an entire region, and of course, he is going to sell it to the highest bidder. He’s already got 2 of the components and he needs just one left for his evil master plan. Sigh – when will the baddies ever learn, this always goes wrong for them in the end.

Toretto (Diesel) is now happily settled in sunny Spain (where there is no extradition for their past crimes) with Elena (the cop from the previous film) and his sister Mia.  Joining Mia is ex-cop turned super street racer Brian (Walker) and their newborn son Jack.  Everything is great, until The Rock shows up. Yes, the wrestler Dwayne Johnson reprises his role as Luke Hobbs, bad-ass cop who’s head/body to muscle ratio is severely disproportionate! – that man’s arms are out of this world! So Hobbs (and his partner Gina Carrano) rope in Toretto and his team to help them bring down Shaw, promising clean slates to Toretto’s whole team. Oh, and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) is alive. If you remember, she was Toretto’s girlfriend before she ‘died’ the the previous film. Ermm, guess she did the Jesus thing and rose from the dead. Or maybe she just didn’t die. She is in fact, the lynchpin of the whole story line and the reason why Toretto is even working with Hobbs – he wants to make sure its really her, I mean, they did bury her didn’t they?  Ahh… love eh. 🙂

The film is mainly set in London, and the cars of choice? BMW’s, of course there’s the obligatory American muscle cars too – but nothing too crazy like the previous films.  Rita Ora makes a guest appearance, her main line? ‘We’re used to getting what we want, this is London Baby!’ Not being funny, but the plods would have stopped them before they even got started – a race around Piccadilly Circus? A full on rumble at Waterloo East station? I don’t think so love. BUT – this is a Hollywood movie so I’ll let them off.

The storyline is not a believable one, the races they have are impossible, and its beggars belief to actually think things like this happen in reality. HOWEVER – the film appeals to those of us who love a bit of impossible action, high octane humour and amazing action scenes. Its one of the better of the 6 that have been done so far, and as farfetched as the story line may be, I though it was awesome. The one liners between Roman (Tyrese Gibson) Tej (Ludacris) and Han (Sung Kang) are funny enough to keep the storyline affectionate without taking anything away from the underlying serious racing/fighting scenes. The final scene on the plane is just a bit of crazy – its like Rambo meets Rocky on Air Force One.

I personally loved it and I cannot wait for the 7th installment (rumoured to start filming in August 2013).  All in all – a perfect way to end the Saturday night!

Tomorrow we go tile shopping, but tonight, I will be dreaming of myself in a very fast car, racing around Piccadilly Circus, where I’m in the bus lane before 7pm AND I don’t get caught by the plod. That’s night. No one is catching me when I hit the ‘nos’ (nitrous oxide system) on my car (a big-ass mustang) baby!

Let me know if you liked the movie if you got to watch it too!

Night night lovelies!


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