Fish and Chips with a cup of tea? How quintessentially English.


After a crazy day at the office (Fridays are crazy conversation days in the office where the topics may include but not limited to; Eastender’s, talking bananas, Robert Palmer, talking oranges and whether or not smoking the shisha can make you high) I bid a very close friend N goodbye today – she’s actually just moving teams across the room, but I will miss her – I’m now on a desk with a bunch of smelly ol’ boys boo-hoo.

In order to cheer me up, I decided to have some Fish and Chips for dinner – there is a lovely shop just down the road from where we are but because the better half still cannot walk properly, I had to drive us – which is fine really, my driving skills are SICK.


Now, I’ve never understood this. And maybe someone can explain. Why do people have a cup of tea with their fish and chips? Is that not a little, ermm, odd? I would have orange juice, or water, or something, but not a cup of tea. Apparently, that’s what you do. We had this discussion this morning at work, and apparently, everyone does it. So there you go. I decided to have a cup to tea with my fish and chips today. I don’t do mushy peas – that’s just too odd for me. I don’t see the lure of smashed up peas – I mean, I don’t like the little green things at the best of times.

mushy peas

Mushy peas is JUST ODD.

I did some research when I got home, and this is what I found. A gentleman called Samuel Isaccs from Whitechapel opened his first fish restaurant in 1896 and there, her served Fish and Chips, with a cup of tea accompanied with a basket of bread and butter. That’s it – no old suspicious reason for it, no fable – just a ordinary guy who decided to serve tea with his fish and chips.

fishy bag

As usual, the fish that came was MASSIVE and I had to take it home in a fishy bag. No doubt ill be having it for lunch tomorrow!


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