Lake District Part 1

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Ok, so we are back from our Lake District – Stoke On Trent – Bristol hoo-haa holiday.  I can tell you 3 things;

  • I am burnt to a crisp – SPF110 is absolutely USELESS
  • Kendal mint cake tastes better when you buy it from Kendal


  • I am a total muppet for thinking that it was the slow connection at the various hotels we stayed in that prevented me from posting – when it was actually me not updating firefox that caused it. Yes – I know, muppet right?

Right, we started off from home late – as usual. GLS made a heroic effort to wake up at 4am to make some burgers for our longggggg road trip and *gasp* she even juiced the leftover fruits from the bbq so we had fresh fruit juice for the trip – all this while I was tucked in bed teeheehee. 🙂

In order to break the trip up, we decided to stop by Bicester Village Outlet Mall. The outlet mall is located in Oxfordshire and had a whole lot of individual shops to visit.  Usually, the items are sent here as the brands find they have ordered too many of a size, or perhaps they might be last seasons offerings. The discounts they have on some of these items are HUGE – some even up to 70% off. I remember 3 years ago when I bought a Versace dress that cost £1050, but only paid £180.  There are also other shops other than fashion ones, Bodum and Villeroy and Boch are the better halfs favourites, as is Penhaligon’s.  So really, there is something for everyone!  Check out their website here.  We bought loads of things – and so I will do a post separate this post I promise! 🙂

So, we arrived at the Lakes at about 845pm and we were starving.  Along the way – I saw this sign and wondered if Guy Ritchie has expended his pub enterprise in the lakes?! 🙂

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We checked into the Damson Dene Hotel in Windermere – a doggy friendly hotel of course.  Upon entry – my first impressions were ‘cozy’.  We were greeted by traditional oak beams and a lovely looking fireplace – of course, it was nor roaring as it was 30 bloody degrees, but I can imagine sitting by the fire at winter having a nice cup of mulled wine.  By the way – its 162 days till Christmas!! 🙂

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My second impressions were ‘oh no – they have ducks in their lake’. This meant one thing; BG2 was going to go absolutely wild and so, we had to be very careful to keep her on the lead when we were walking around the hotel – I did not want a duck death on my hands!

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They also had a lovely courtyard outside, where people would sit and read their papers after breakfast every morning.

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Here are some pictures of the pub in the hotel – we didn’t get to go unfortunately as we were back so late every night that it was shut! Sorry the second picture is so dark – stupid flash didn’t work!

IMG_0158 (500x333)

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After checking in and taking some pictures, we skipped down into town Bowness-on-Windermere to find some grub. Of course, by this time, most of the places had stopped serving food, but we managed to find a gastro pub/grill which served us – The Village Inn Bar and Grill. Perhaps it was the hunger etched on our faces that did it for them!  The bar has a pretty good selection of local ales too – but I just stuck to a coke. Let me tell you, the portions are HUGE.  Check these bad-boy plates out;

IMG_9845 (500x333)

Our starter of baked camembert was enough to make me yell out – IM FULL after 3 mouth-fulls.

IMG_9852 (500x333)

The GLS had the seafood platter.

IMG_9846 (500x333)

The better half had Cumberland sausage – when in Rome and all that!

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And I had ribs – which I had to pack most of to take with me in a doggy bag. The food was delicious but I felt the portion sizes were way too big. Ok, I know I eat like a bird, but he GLS and the better half who can both eat for their respective countries struggled – and that’s just not normal!

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After dinner, we went to sit at the nearby jetty and watch the sun go down and the ducks  swim away into the distance – it was beautiful.

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And so, that was day 1 of our great Lake District hoo-haa holiday over. 🙁

I’m off to bed now, its 135am and I have to work tomorrow boo-hoo! Fret not – I’m off on Tues and Weds and so will post loads from the trip then. 🙂 🙂

Night lovelies!


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