Lake District Part 2

Day 2 of our hoo-haa holiday started with a cooked breakfast buffet – nothing special really, bit of bacon, bit of eggs bit of baked beans, that sort of thing.


After breakfast, we were off to our first walk in the lakes – Orrest Head!

IMG_9855 (600x400)

Its a windy path up  – but it truly is beautiful walking through the woods. After this visit – I am contemplating moving out of London where there is more green!

IMG_9870 (600x400)

IMG_9884 (600x400)

And then I thought bluebells had a smell to them – like roses did. Wrong!

IMG_9906 (600x400)

Oh my God – was it hot – scorching and climbing up was tiresome!

IMG_9878 (600x400)

I am so surprised the dogs managed – afterall, they only have little legs!

IMG_9909 (600x400)

The views you get on the way up – none like I’ve seen before.

IMG_9911 (600x400)

And that was the view from the top – when we finally got there!! It took us about 1.5 hours to get up there – but then again, we had the babies with us, and then there was the crazy picture taking etc etc.

IMG_9928 (600x400)

On the way back down, GLS found a sheep she thought she could pat.

IMG_9956 (600x400)

And so, she proceeded it to try and bribe it with some grass/flower. I stayed well away. There is no way I’m risking my life by being chased by a goat through an open field in the lake district. Can you imagine? ‘Asian girl gets chased by a goat, town folk laugh at her insane running as she tries to escape’ Yeah – no chance. If anyone was going to be chased – it was GLS.

IMG_9958 (600x400)

Unfortunately, the sheep didn’t really fancy her flower/grass and ran away. Hahahaha. 🙂

IMG_9960 (600x400)

Then, on the way back down, we saw the biggest bull you will ever see in your life! I mean, this guy was the daddy of bulls. He was so big that as he grazed, his feet actually sunk in the ground!

IMG_9963 (600x400)

After heading down, we found this little pathway – we thought it was quite cool.

IMG_0025 (600x400)

And so we made our way out of Orrest Head and we were off to Kendal!! Mmmmm – mint cake, here I come! Will write a post on Kendal tomorrow – there are way too many pictures I want to share!

IMG_0044 (600x400)


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    1. Kimmy Post author


      We had an awesome time thank you! Weather was lovely – back to London now – a lot less green and no lakes unfortunately! Oh well, at least we have the lovely weather still!! Speak soon 🙂



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