Lake District Part 3

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We travelled from Orrest Head to Kendal – where the REAL mint cake is from! Kendal is a really cool town, lots of nooks and crannies and hidden passageways with old-English  pharmacies and pubs – it does look like part of this town is stuck in old-England which in a strange way is really nice as I’ve never seen such old things before (coming from a country who is only 48 years old – you will forgive me if I think things made before 1984 is pretty old!)

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Look at this pharmacy, its unfortunately its not in use anymore, but I think it looks awesome!

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More pictures of the pharmacy.

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I love that everything in Kendal has a little explanation of it – you could really learn a lot if you bothered to stop and read the little plaques.

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Dr Mannings Yard even has it’s own little drive for medication to be delivered! Now – how many places in London has this!!

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The better half says in the olden times, advertisements were not in billboards *shock horror* or plastered on busses and taxis.  Instead, they were spray painted directly onto the buildings.  This was not considered graffiti and we found this building which still had etchings of an old advertisement for a glass warehouse.

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Then we walked around and found the famous 1657 Chocolate House – never heard of it? Neither had we.  Still we walked in. Anything with the word ‘chocolate’ deserves a second (third, fourth) glance.

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Loads of chocolate to choose from, over 40 flavours!

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Then there was the chocolate made especially for me – in the shape of a shoe! Mine Mine Mine Mine 🙂

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It really was a chocolate obsessive’s dream this place, it even had an Aladdin’s cave inside the shop!

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We saw this old chap down one of the walk ways playing his violin.  We stopped for a minute to watch him as we carried on our walk through this lovely town.

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We came across this old-school butchers which sold everything from pigeon to mallard – this might be normal to some, but it isn’t with me!

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We also came across this old inn – established in 1654!?!?!?!? Very cool indeed! 🙂

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And then we were off back to the hotel, where we would quickly change and then make our way off to dinner into Ambleside where we were going to have a lovely Thai meal – will post that tomorrow. For now, I’m really tired as I’ve had a full day with the GLS shopping in Westfield Stratford and she leaves tomorrow, so I have to help her pack.

Night night lovelies. 🙂


P/S: Me, the better half, GLS, Meow and R went out for dinner tonight as a farewell to the GLS who leaves for home tomorrow.  We ended up at an Arabic restaurant which was AWESOME. Will post our experience that and dish my opinions on the restaurant when I get a minute. 🙂

PP/S: I have bought three different brands of Kendal Mint Cake and plan to do a post on the great mint cake taste off – watch out for that post!

Ok – I really have to sleep now. 🙂 🙂


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