Lake District Part 5

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Day three of our Lake District hoo-haa holiday saw us go to back to Ambleside to visit the famous house on a bridge.  Yes – really. There is a house built atop a bridge.

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House on a bridge?!

Then we drove along the coast and stopped for ice cream – we then saw this gorgeous little pap who was poorly 🙁 she was so brave though! Her ears were a little droopy due to her liver not being right and the medication she was on. 🙁 We hope she gets better soon!

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And then we hopped into the car en-route to Keswick! Along the way, we passed a few lakes and of course, jumped out of the car to take some happy snaps.  The first lake we came across was Grasmere Lake.

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trying to peer into the house across the lake?! Haha.

Then we hopped into the car (this was becoming a habit!!) and continued our journey onto Keswick – not before stopping at Thirlmere Lake. Once again – the views – just breathtakingly gorgeous. I run the risk of sounding ignorant, but I didn’t know England had such beautiful places (note to self – perhaps getting off your fat bum and visiting somewhere other than London might help!?)

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We saw the ruins of what looked to be a medieval castle along the way too – no idea what the name was though – there was no place to stop along the road and we didn’t fancy being road kill. 🙂

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Alas – here we were! Keswick that is. Its a lovely little town with small off roads and markets lining the street.  We managed to buy a real sheepskin rug for not very much money.

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And a picture of the market where we bought our goods. They had everything, from finger puppets, to flowers, to food and life sized bear replicas. Yes – you heard me right – life sized bear replicas. I don’t know why – but they did. 🙂

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The REAL reason we were in Keswick was actually for the better half.  He had read somewhere that there was a brilliant tourist attraction in the form of a ‘place’. Not just any ‘place’ though. A puzzling one. That’s right – the Puzzling Place located in the heart of Keswick.  Only he could find something like that exciting. Hahaha. 🙂

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It costs £3.75 for an adult ticket and £2.90 for a child.  They also do family prices – Family (2+2) costs £11.75 and children under 5 enter free! I initially thought this was going to be more for children and so I did not expect too much of the place.  As you enter, the top floor is a shop that’s free of charge and here you can buy various puzzle bits for you to try out.

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Yet MORE evidence that the GLS inherited all the legs in the family. Grrrrrrr *angry face ON*. So , once you get into the main puzzling place, there were tons of other puzzles we took our hand at trying – we were having so much fun – we didn’t take too many snaps unfortunately – oh well, you will just have to pay Keswick a visit! 🙂

That was Keswick – we hopped into the car and then off we went to Derwent Water for a walk along the coast!

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This is starting to get repetitive guys – but the scenery. Oh wow. There isn’t much I can describe in words that would give it the justification it deserves. Words have not been invented for how beautiful this place is yet.

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Why not hitch a ride atop the better half express eh! For some reason I thought I would be able to see ‘more’ this way.  Then for fun’s sake, I hitched a ride on the GLS’s back too. When in the Lake District eh!

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The we walked along the coast – there was some green – but not too much. It was quiet and serene.  Think beautiful and peaceful, then times by a million-jillion-fillion. 🙂

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More beautiful pictures of the lake below.

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just so beautiful

And then the better half was tired from walking, so he decided to sleep. On a rock. As you do of course. Me and the GLS were pulling silly faces at the camera but I wont be posting them on there – I look like a goon and the GLS looks like a clown (no change there then mum!) hahahaha. 🙂

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We walked back toward the car and made our way back to the hotel – where we would rest, feed the babies, then do a quick change around and off to Hawkshead for dinner!

Speak soon and happy Saturday lovelies!


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