Lake District Part 6

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we saw this shop as soon as we got into Hawkshead

And so, after our day at Ambleside-Keswick-Derwent Water, we made our way back to our hotel, did a quick clothes change and we were outta there like a bat out of hell. OK – I’m sorry for that reference, but Meatloaf is playing in my head at the moment. 🙂

We were off to Hawkshead – another town in the Lake District steeped in history. I was muchos excited. Why? Not only were we going to visit another part of this lovely part of the world, but we were going to take the car atop a ferry to take us there! OK – I know this  might sound silly – but coming from Asia, we are such a tiny country that there isn’t a ferry to take us and our car anywhere!

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It was not that pricey to hitch a ride on the Mallard considering there were 3 of us and a car!

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There is a history behind this ferry but the words from the picture are so tiny – you might need to either be an ant or have a magnifying glass handy to read it – and so, I’ll type it out!

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About the Windermere Ferry

The Windermere Ferry has been operating for more than 500 years. The original craft were rowed across the lake, later ferries were steam driven and the most recent ones have had diesel engines. The current ferry ‘Mallard’ is the largest so far; a modern craft which carries up to 18 cars and over 100 passengers.

The ferry takes people, vehicles, horses and cycles across the lake, reducing traffic on the surrounding narrow roads and easing congestion and pollution. It also links the busy eastern shore of the lake and the peaceful countryside between Windermere and Coniston on the west, where there are many attractions and facilities for walking, riding and cycling.

In the summer months there is a minibus service between Ferry House and Hawkshead, calling at Beatrix Potter’s Hilltop House. The ferry offers the opportunity to leave the car behind, cross the lake on foot and catch the bus, relaxing all the while and enjoying the scenery while someone else does all the work.

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A view from the boat – as the sun was going down. We got off the ferry and then drove into Hawkshead!

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I tried to zoom in as much as I could from the ferry so you could see Hawkshead – if you squint a little you might be able to see it! 🙂 🙂

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So we arrived at Hawkshead after driving for about 15 minutes – now bearing in mind we had no idea where to eat, nor where exactly we were, this was going to be a very interesting evening.

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Saw this while walking aimlessly looking for a place to have dinner – reminded me of a hobbits house in Lord of The Rings and also our house back home – we have tons of ivy growing on the sides of our house and in our garden on our trellises  – I don’t like it as it looks a little ‘jungle’ly’, but the better half says it gives our house that extra ‘Je ne sais quoi’.

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Hawkshead is a very pretty little town with lovely houses adorned with all sorts of colourful flowers.  It reminds me of Rome a little – small roads, little nooks and crannies and delightful little shops making selling various produce.

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Loved these hanging baskets – reminds me of ours back home. Flowers just make everything look that much prettier and makes everyone happy!

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After walking around for a while we settled on this quaint little country pub – The Queens Head.

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I love country pubs like these – they are so informal and serve the best food, with the more charming people.  In the winter, they normally have a log fire going. Most of these pubs also double up as a bed and breakfast.

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IMG_0657 (600x400)

GLS had scallops and risotto for dinner – which was the special of the day. I really like scallops and its so hard to cook them right – we’ve tried it one and still have yet to get the hang of it. To be honest, I preferred her dinner to mine. 🙁

IMG_0655 (600x400)

I had the lamb on a bed of mash potatoes. The lamb was cooked well-done and rather crispy and hard on the outside unfortunately.  I did however, love the bed of mash potatoes – seasoned and creamed perfectly. I also had some leek which was brilliant – love a bit of leek!

IMG_0661 (600x400)

The better half had duck – which was average.  I’m not a big fan of duck unless its crispy duck with plum sauce – I just feel that chunks of duck tastes odd. He said the duck was a little dry and a little overcooked and after trying some myself agreed with him. Duck always has to be a little pink on the inside and this time it wasn’t unfortunately. 🙁

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After dinner, it was still light and we noticed this sign at the corner of the road that led up to a secret wishing well. MY FAVOURITE!

IMG_0664 (600x400)

Yes – I made 3 wishes. Hopefully they come true! 🙂

Ok – I’m off to watch TV now – there is an old-school vampire movie on and I’m a sucker for those no matter how bad they are hahaha :).  I will write about our last day in Lake District tomorrow, where we climbed Stickle Ghyll, past Dungeon Ghyll Forced Waterfall up to Stickle Tarn – whew! Mouthful or what?!

Bye for now lovelies!


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