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OK, everyone knows, I LOVE my dogs – in a very over the top way.  I guess because we don’t have any kids yet – these are my kids.  I am always on the lookout for healthy treats, new kibble and new places we can visit with them.  For the last 6 glorious years, we have had the ultimate pleasure of having two lovely little paps in our lives. They are naughty, steal food off our coffee table, jump up on our bed with muddy paws, fart in our presence then saunter off and run into the neighbours garden to steal the kids tennis balls, but we love them to death and would not change them for the world. All my friends would know, I would happily ditch them on an outing if I feel they dogs have been home for two long by themselves.  Make no mistake about it, I put the dogs first every time (much to the disdain of the better half). I’m getting better at realising they are just dogs, though not very much.

More recently, I have become more sensitive to what they eat – I have heard more and more stories about the horrible things they put in commercial pet food. My rule is – I would never feed my dogs what I wouldn’t eat.  Things like ‘animal derivatives’ (basically, the best cuts of meat are stripped for human consumption, leaving 50% of the animal left (insides of the animal, bones etc), that is then boiled and ground down to make up the ingredient ‘animal derivatives’ you find in your commercial pet foods) I would avoid food that say things like ‘chicken by-products’ or other ‘meat by-products’, this just means the product is made of dry, ground, rendered clean parts of the animal carcass including heads, feet etc.

Recently, we have switched to organic food ourselves and of course the dogs followed suit.  I spent ages reading page after page after page on the net for the best organic food I could get – it if could make them live till 100 – then that’s the food I’m getting. I came across Lily’s Kitchen and was sold – their range is amazing.  Not just plain ol’ ‘chicken and rice’ or boring ol’ ‘lamb and rice’ absolutely not.  Lily’s are banging out food fit for a dog-king such as ‘Goose and Duck feast with fruits’ and ‘Venison and Wild Rabbit terrine’ among a host of others.  I have also bought their dry kibble (perfect for smaller dogs as the kibble is quite small) in the ‘Chicken and Duck grain free’ and the ‘ Very Venison grain free’.   At Christmas, they produced a special limited edition ‘Christmas Dinner’, which I thought was the cutest thing. I even got an email from ‘santa paws’ telling me that my order was on the sleigh. Me? Soppy? You bet!

peek-a-boo #2

peek-a-boo #2

So impressed am I with Lily’s, that I have bought the food for my sisters dog and bring it with me when I travel there – I make sure I pack that in my luggage first, then the make up goes in. Suffice to say, Mellies, the doggy, thinks I’m the best thing since sliced toast.

Granted – it’s not cheap, but the ingredients are top quality – sourced from or 60 producers around England.  I know the babies can’t speak and say how great the food is – I mean, come on, their just little dogs! I can lay testament to the fact that there is never an empty bowl of food – whereas with some other brands – I have had leftovers.  Their coats are shiny and eyes are bright – if anything, my boy has over eaten and now need to be on a diet!

Lily’s Kitchen Organic Dog food gets a paws up from us.


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