Mosaic Madness

After our series of unfortunate events with the wardrobes – read all about it here, we decided to give up on that idea and live with a broken wardrobe. We did however, agree to spend the money we were both putting aside for new tiles for our kitchen – so I’m excited about that to say the least.  We also decided that we were going to do the whole lot ourselves – cheaper? yes. More risk of going wrong? 100%. Having fun while doing it? Definately. Chances of paying some dodgy company to do it while they run away with our money? Absolutely (highly likely as that ALWAYS happens to us). So – sorted – we would do it ourselves! After the better half’s attempt of doing our bathroom himself resulted in grout stuck permanently to the ground (i swear everytime I walk its like hard breadcrumbs under my feet!) , you would think that would scare us away right?! Nope. I mean, imagine how much money we would save! Might have spare change for a curry or two after for dinner! Yes it is going to take ages, and yes – its not going to be as perfect as how a tiler would do it, but hey – beggars can’t be choosers!

The first step is to choose the tiles. God – we have been back and forth to a few places and I do have in mind what sort of tiles I would like – I saw a sample of them at Costco, albeit in the wrong colour. I would like strip glass mosaics, but predominantly in the colours of black, white and silver – these are bloody hard to find and I’m wondering if anyone in the UK does them!? Ive spent hours searching and have found some – though most of them are from the States. The ones I really like is from a company called European Tiles Direct – but they are SO expensive.

These are the ones I like so far;

glass mosaic

This one I like – but is only available from China. Get it here.

marble mosaic

These ones give a more natural finish to the kitchen, but I have white tiles on the floor and having these on my walls would make the kitchen a little too pale. They are from Topps TIles and you can get them here.

stone mosaic

This split face natural stone mosaic is so sexy – and I might go for it – I just don’t know if its too black and will make our kitchen appear to the small – I mean its not like the have a huge kitchen to begin with! Get it here from Topps Tiles.


The only thing I don’t like about these is that the individual bricks are the same size – I’m really after the the uneven bar ones – BUT if i have to choose and the prices are too crazy, I will have to compromise and the above mosaic is exactly the colour scheme I want. Get it here from Topps Tiles.

glass mosaic 5

These were pretty and if they were available in the UK – they would definately be a serious contender. While the colours are neutral, the dark brown bars offset the paler colours.

glass mosaic 9

Now these are the ones I love – but priced at £35.22 a tile – is wayyyyyy over my budget.  Sad times.:( Check it out here.

What do you think – are you liking any of the above?!


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