My 2012 Christmas Tree

Our main Christmas tree!
Our main Christmas tree!

Drats. The twelfth night of Christmas.  A time, where tradition would have it – means our living rooms would be stripped of all the splendor of twinkly lights and beautiful baubles on our magnificent tree.  I begin my daily trudge into work. No more waking up at midday to find BG#1 sleeping soundly under my armpit, or BG#2 very snugly in between my crossed legs (please don’t ask why I sleep like this – the better half thinks I’m an imp). Alas, the cold dreary January mornings remind me of two things – there is REALLY is 11 more months to Christmas and, more importantly, im another year older. BLEAH!  I love love love Christmas – just like my granddad did.  Throughout the year – I spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking whether or not I should change the tree decorations for that year –  I’m incorrigible..  I stayed with the black and gold theme for the tree this year – however, as the days trudged along to the big day itself, the black and gold theme turned into a hint of silver (thanks to the charity shop down the road who we actively support) a fluttering of candy canes (thank you Sainsbury) and huge gold and silver butterflies (that flew in from the flower shop) Basically, anything that I could hang on the tree – I hung.  I stood back after my masterpiece and asked the better half what he thought was missing – he replied –‘ just London Bridge’!

Of course, I couldn’t just stop at 1 tree – I bought John Lewis’s ‘paper tree’ – at £85.00 for our bedroom and hung several personal baubles we got made ages ago and 4 glass ones we bought from Tesco.

Get it here.  Looks awesome!

Here are some glass baubles from eBay

papertree1  papertree2

Then there is also the live trees that we planted out in the garden – that had some decorations too – miniature ones we bought a while back from Tesco.


Check these garlands I hung on our banisters – I got tired of using tinsel and went all out this year.  I bought the 6 plain garland from eBay priced at 33.99 plus 7.99 postage. I decorated them myself with bits and bobs I bought over eBay.  The lights were a steal at Asda – my mate bought them for me and didn’t want any money for them – so I gave her an extra hug.

Get it here.


With twinkly lights (battery operated)


I then bought the bows from eBay too priced at 1.99 plus 1.00 postage – there are loads to choose from if you just type ‘Christmas Organza Ribbon’. Make sure you type wired edge in there too – its easier to make a bow out of these then the ones without.

Get it here. Here as well.


The red and gold berries I bought from eBay too.  I bought 3 bunches totalling 14.25 plus 2.85 for postage. I tied them in bunches of 5 and stuck them on the garland. You can get them here:

Stars in my eyes

Stars in my eyes

The red and gold stars I paid 7.50 plus 3.50 for postage and  8.75 plus 4.75 for 6 stars each – these are now sold out but I have a feeling they might come back closer to Christmas time again.

Red stars here.

Gold stars here.

Other bits that went on my tree this year:

I spotted these on the Christmas tree in my office - and managed to hunt them down!

I spotted these on the Christmas tree in my office – and managed to hunt them down!

butterflies mr&mrs

I really do wish we could get a real one in the house – but I’m just not so sure the pooches (just BG#1 really) won’t try and wee on it, and the last thing I want to do is to be taking down the tree (while sobbing) in January AND having to deep clean my carpets. Until next Christmas!


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