Period Pain sucks. Period.

Urghhh. I had to rush home from work yesterday as I was doubling up in pain – this morning was no better and after a visit to the Dr – I am now drugged up on all sorts of medication for my ultra-painful stomach cramps.  I have been in bed since mid-day yesterday (except when I had to drag myself to the bathroom) and I feel like a bum. The Dr said that the only thing that (might) help me is some anti-spasm medication and a effervescent (something you dilute in water). As I am allergic to Ibuprofen, asprin and god knows what other form of pain-killer, my only other option is to wait it out.

I had a quick thought, maybe my inflamed spotty dry skin on Saturday which I thought was because of Clinique’s Dark Spot Corrector was due to my (look away boys) period coming?  Anyway, ive decided to give it another try and see how it goes.So, twice a day for one month. Look out for that review(again!)

Anyway, this medication is making me drowsy and I think I might drift off. So unless you want to read ‘kjgefuiy fuyiohaon oiuojoaih jh?? ‘ I think I shall leave it for now, hopefully ill be better soon.

P/S: A great way to ease some of the pain is a hot-water bottle.  The better half bought me a hot microwavable bear called Henry Warmheart, he is an adorable teddy bear filled with treated wheat grains and soothing lavender – he smells lovely!! Just heat in a microwave for two minutes to provide hours of soothing warmth and comfort. Henry Warmheart stays warm for twenty mins to two hours. He is now glued on to my poorly tummy.  Any heat is good. He retails for £14.95 and is the best thing you will ever buy if like me, you feel like your cramps are going to kill you.  Of course there are other types – but I love that he’s a cuddly bear!

PP/S: Following failure of the above – do what I do and sleep it off.


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