Poached Eggs instead of Lucky Charms?! Why I never…..

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Every weekend, I allow myself the luxury of eating a sugary sweet cereal – none of that boring ‘healthy’ stuff I eat during the week – weetabix? You can kiss my perky behind, Quaker oats? You can eat my dust. If your name sounds like; Frosties, Coco Pops, Lucky Charms, Honey Loops, here’s my address. I go through phases, and it really depends on what I feel like, for how long I feel like. So, with frosties, I ate it every weekend for about 4 months, with coco pops, I grew tired of it very quickly. My latest weekend cereal is Lucky Charms, made by the US producer General Mills. Its generally made up of toasted oat-based pieces and multi-coloured marshmallow bits. They are crazy expensive here in the UK – more than a fiver, but I am lucky enough to have a Canadian friend who gets them on the cheap in Canada – or when the better half goes on his business trips to the states, he gets them for me – I am not paying a fiver for cereal! Lucky, the leprechaun is the mascot on the box and sits cheekily on the front – I love him!

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HOWEVER. The better half bought himself a new present – a poaching egg pan. He convinced me that poaching is healthier than frying (which is how i have all my eggs) Healthy on the weekend? No thank you. after 10 minutes of annoying me, I gave in. I was dreading it. It looked like two boobs atop a slice of bread. ‘Salt and pepper it!’ he egged on (no pun intended). So I did. And I loved it. The yellow yolk (I’ve always hated runny yolk by the way, looks gross) was perfect. I am a poached eggs convert and I would recommend everyone get a pan that can do magical poached eggs like the one we have. Of course, I’m not abandoning my sinful Saturday cereal, but poached eggs, well they might just get a sneak in there. Just don’t tell Lucky!!

Here is a range of ones I found on Amazon – with a range of prices to suit every budget. Happy poaching and don’t forget to send your pictures of your poached eggs – if I gather enough, I might dedicate a whole page to it – the Poached Egg Hall of Fame.


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