Shhhhh.. its a SECRET SALE!!!

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Secret Sales

I love getting parcels that say Secret Sales. Why? It means I bought something that’s massively discounted, that I would otherwise never be able to afford at a really REALLY good price. These ‘flash sale’ websites have become increasingly popular lately. On here, you will find high end brands that have either ordered too much of a particular item, or discontinued/old seasons stuff. You also, sometimes get really good skin care products (Cocosa did Perricone MD last month at half price which was amazing – review here and here.

Secret Sales, Cocosa among others are part of the new up and coming groups of site, called ‘flash sale sites’ – hunting ground for savvy consumers after designer fashion, cosmetics, homeware, travel deals among a host of other things, with some sites casually offering as much as 85% off.  I get loads of stuff from these sites – and they are brilliant for when you want to splash out on something really nice at Christmas without spending crazy amounts of money (we all know how expensive that can get) More recently, I got some half price Mikey London jewelry (yes I have decided to try and accessorize). I also, bought a pair of Charles Jourdan – discounted from £308 to £154 – a stylish pair of leather courts with a lovely grated gold heel. Its about 4 inches, and has a hidden platform. It might look plain when you first glance at it – but the heel puts you firmly in the ‘winning’ circle!

Used with a pair of jeans – they really do elongate the leg (which is great if like me you dont have very long legs)

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Here are the websites should you want to have a gander;

Have fun!


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