Spring is in the air!

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The morning started well – the better half accepted a couple of deliveries for me from the Karen Millen sale which I wrote about here.  There are really good discounts and there are still some really good pieces left – tale a sneak peek! I have yet to open the packages yet, once I do you will hear about it for sure!

The second parcel was from Ted Baker and there are a fabulous pair of summery jeans – have a look here.  Its not cheap, but they are so pretty and I think they are going to look fab in summer.  Will take a picture and put it up here when I get round to it.

The sun was blazing and so I dragged the better half out of bed (yes he went back to sleep after duly signing for my packages), had my lucky charms and skipped to the park with the babies. The park was heaving – and I mean, heaving.  I’m so sorry I didn’t take any pictures (BAD KIM!) but, I will make it up to you by taking pictures of the London Marathon tomorrow.  So excited!

On the way back, we stopped by some new builds around the area – scoping out the would be neighbours more like. Haha. Anyway, apparently there is going to be a giant Waitrose parked neatly under the flats – that’s brilliant for us as there are not many grocery shops within walking distance of us.



Nosey-ing over – we made our way home and for the next 4 hours, we basked in the sunshine, re-doing the garden.  The flowers that we planted a while back, well, we must have planted them way too early and the cold killed it. Boo-hoo. BUT – fret not my lovelies, we bought back-ups and so, those went in today.  We also re-seeded the garden, trimmed the rose bushes and cut back on the ivy. Whew. All this while, the babies did what they did best: Nap. It’s hard being a doggy!

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This is my favourite;

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Right, its wine-o’clock. Will write more later. If I’m not pissed.Teheehee.

Speak soon lovelies.


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