Summer flowers everywhere! (including soil on my carpet of course!)

summer flowers

My very own greenhouse

Before we left for Singapore, we had purchased some bulbs for summer flowers in early March from Thomson Morgan (when I jumped the gun and spotted Daffodils blooming outside – the post here). Anyway they arrived and because it too god-damn cold to plant outside, the better half has come up with the genius idea of placing ALL of the plants in the kitchen ledge.

Hooray for these:

IMG_7427 IMG_7426

In the evening we decided to plant them all – in the house of course!!

messy - but so much fun!

messy – but so much fun!

Once these trailing petunias come out – they are going to look gorgeous (IF the bloody cold doesn’t kill it first!) I will update the post with pictures – but it won’t be till June I reckon till they peek out!

This is where I got our bulbs from: Thomson and Morgan.

Here are what they look like after we planted them;

IMG_7457 (1000x667) IMG_7456 (1000x667)

Happy planting!


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