The Body Shop Home Fragrance Smelling Oils

lovely smells indeed!

lovely smells indeed!

My home will be lost  (and certainly a little bit less lovely smelling) without one of my Body Shop’s Home Fragrance Smelling Oils.  At any one time, each room has a different smell – and I love the subtle notes that whiff past me as I dance from room to room.  The better half loves their Lavender, while I am a bit more adventurous with Aloe and Soft Linen. In every room, I have a burner and at least 6 different oils – and I am sure to fire one up especially if we have guests staying over. Nothing beats a lovely smelling house!

They cost £4.00 per unit, but trust me, they last you ages.  I bought LOADS of them in their Christmas sale so I am fully stocked up for now.  I also have their special Christmas Edition Vanilla Bliss – which is gorgeous but I only have 3 of these left and want to save them for a special occasion.

The body shop sales are absolutely brilliant, I also stocked up on reed diffusers, and pillow sprays – ill do a post on them soon – promise!

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And another thing to make you love body shop EVEN more: NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS!

Do you have a favourite?

Happy Smelling!


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