The Curious Case of the GIANT Whiteboard


When the better half told me he was going to start up his own business – I was happy for him. He is such a smart, talented man at what he does and I was going to be a billion percent supportive. He soon converted baby gorgeous #2’s room into his mini office – she didn’t mind, as long as her sofa bed was there and she was allowed to sit on the window sill and look out for the neighbours cats – she was fine. I try my best to make the house as homely as possible, paintings, pictures, ornaments, flowers – you name it, ive put them all up. This spare room however, has always looked a little – well, boring. Its got a sofa bed that opens out into a small double for guests (baby Gorgeous #2 thinks this is hers) and a computer table. Not much else really. When the giraffe legged sister came to stay last July 2012, she created a button art piece with the word ‘LOVE’ on a canvas – I think it looks lovely and makes an otherwise dull room look nice. In time, when we have kids, we agreed that this was going to be the baby’s room and so i’m working on making it a little more warm for when the time comes.

He had said to me he wanted a bookcase on the wall – I disagreed as the room is tiny as it is, and putting up a bookcase will only serve to make the room smaller. He then said he needed a whiteboard – whatever for! He said a small one and so to avoid any confrontation, I said ok – a small one would be fine – as long as its not noticed – afterall, it is a guest bedroom.

Today, as we walked home from the train station, he mentioned he received a delivery – the whiteboard. He also said, in his words ‘its a little bigger than I expected’. How big could it be – right? WRONG. Its flippin HUGE. It takes up the whole wall almost and is a terrible eyesore – I thought it was a joke and I’m still hoping it is. Or there will be one very angry wife in this house.Grrrrrr. MEN!

God help me. And him!


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