My skin is just not coping with the heat…bring on the Sloane Clinic Singapore

The Sloane Clinic Singapore

The Sloane Clinic Singapore

Its always summer in Singapore – it averages 34deg everyday and its humidity is between 70% – 90%.  It’s sunshine everyday here (you do get the odd thunderstorm) but other than that – the one thing you can be sure of is sunshine – and lots of it.

My skin has been temperamental of late – alas, the humidity here just made it worse and so after speaking to the giraffe-legged sister (who unfortunately has the same issue as me), I went to the Sloane Clinic Singapore (in ION Orchard) and bought some recommended products by the dermatologist. Having skin like this is truly a bloody curse. Once I use them for two weeks, I will dedicate a review page on the products – watch out for the update!


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