The weekend

The weekend. Whew. What a weekend. Sorry I haven’t posted for 2 and a bit days – its been crazy. And its about to get crazier. Let me tell you all about it.

It started with a 530am pickup of the GLS – bearing in mind I went to bed at half 2 the night before. We got up (and by this i mean the better half) dragged me out of bed and plopped me into the car (pillow ad blankie included)

IMG_9507 (500x333)

Naturally – the plane arrived half an hour earlier, making us (un-fashionably) late.  So the poor GLS was waiting by her lonesome till we arrived.

IMG_9499 (500x333)

On the way back home, we stopped at a service station as the GLS became hungry (that girl can eat for England) and so, I ordered a coffee and fell asleep on the table – as you do.


After we reached home, we leapt out of the car and by this time – I’m a little more awake.  We help the GLS unpack and opened a present my folks shipped over to us. I will do a seperate post on what I got – tomorrow hopefully!

IMG_9517 (500x333)

Then we had to run off to Costco (read about our first experience to Costco here) as we had a ton of things to buy before the BBQ on Saturday. While I was there, I bought me a GLS. Don’t worry – i got a coupon for it. Hahaha. KIDDING! 🙂

gls for sale!

gls for sale!!

weekend3 weekend4

We saw some very curious things – like this Wimbledon t-shirt for this bottle of champagne (Ive named the champagne Andy) and this packet of nuts – which I duly bought to share with my friends. None of whom got the message.

weekend7 weekend5

As usual – we ended up with a bloody truck load of stuff which looked enough to feed a small village for a month. Please don’t ask me how much we spent or what we bought – I am too embarrassed.  Suffice to say – all the food went on Saturday and I still don’t know how it all went.


The GLS I acquired from Costco came in handy when we had to carry stuff into the house!  Well worth the buy! (the fruits and the GLS) 🙂

IMG_9571 (500x333)

GLS (bought from Costco) proving her worth once again. This time by painting out garden walls.  Teeheehee. 🙂

OK. Now I have to introduce you to a magical device. Its called a Karcher (website here) and its easily acquired from Tesco – we got it on a deal 4 years ago. It magically transforms your dirty paving stones to pretty clean ones. Witness the pictures below my friends, and prepare to be astounded. That’s right folks – David Blaine has nothing on me.

IMG_9568 (500x333)

It uses high water presser to blast the dirt off the stones.



Can you tell the ones Ive done? If course you can! if not, then I’d get your eyes tested.

IMG_9560 (500x333) IMG_9562 (500x333)

Check it out! The pictures below just show how dirty our garden it. We did the paving slabs outside too but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture. 🙁

IMG_9566 (500x333)

Right – so you get my drift – its a brilliant machine.  E-Bay has loads to choose from – there are different models, We’ve got the K2.395T50 and that’s more than enough. House ready and pretty – we started waiting for our guests! 🙂

IMG_9595 (500x333)

Then the BBQ started and we had loads to eat – we even had a chocolate fountain!

P/S: Yes – that is the better half’s white pasty legs. I tried my best to get him out in the sun.

IMG_9599 (500x333)

People started coming from after 2 and left at about 2am – we went through 10 bottles of Pimms, 12 bottles of champagne and God knows how much meat. All in all – we had a mental night but such a good laugh with people we care about.  Not only that – some friends stayed over and surprise surprise, we had another (smaller) BBQ on Sunday (albeit a quieter one – I don’t think the neighbours would appreciate listening to Daft Punk over and over again two days running)

Right – I am off to bed – me, the better half and the GLS are taking a road trip to Bicester Village tomorrow morning at 7am (eeekkk!!) and then driving onto the Lake District (major excitement!)  from there, before driving back down to Bristol to celebrate the better half’s grandma’s 97th (yes really!!) birthday on Saturday – its going to be a long and crazy week.  I will post as much as I can I promise!

Till then, night lovelies. 🙂


P/S: 30 Deg on Saturday?! Christ alive – I’m going to be burnt to a crisp. Can’t wait! hahahaha.

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