Tilly Parker Candles



We hot-footed down to TKMaxx over the weekend as I needed to get a present for my cousin G, who is having a lovely baby girl in the summer. I love TKMaxx for so many reasons, no, its not that half their stock is on the floor – its their great prices and the fact that you can buy almost everything your house/kids need under one roof – did I mention the great prices?! They have loads of branded good that are old stock flying around too, so you could really grab yourself a bargain if you (A) Have the time to trawl through the mountains on clothes on the ground and the rails and (B) Have the patience to do so. If you are in possession of either A or B – then I suggest you go and have a gander.

My other love is nice smelling candles – nothing turns me off more than coming home to a stinky house. At anyone one time when we are home, there are two candles burning some sort of fragrance. Every single bathroom in the house has got a specific smell and the house smells like the soap shop lush when we have a party/guests. The better half alerted me to these candles that was placed my the front of the shop, nearer the tills – HOW MUCH?! I exclaimed?!?! I usually get my oils from the body shop, and the candles from IKEA (their Vanilla ones are gorgeous) These were discounted from £15.00 to £4.99 – I would have never paid for it full price (unless it came a bucket of gold then perhaps) We got 4 of them (Oriental, Rustic, Tropical (which is very citrus) and contemporary (my favourite) I can’t wait to try them out – I tried looking online to learn more about the company but their online shop is still under construction so watch this space.


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