Tips to lessen your dogs shedding

Its (almost) summer. Its hot, you’re hot, your dogs are hot. You open up the windows to air the house and there it is. Loads of dog fur flying in the air – left, right and center. Where on earth did this all come from?! This article is about my tips to lessen your dogs shedding – I promise this will make your life a little less furrier! Haha. Sorry – I’m not even sure that ‘furrier’ is a proper word?! 🙂

Being the owner of 2 gorgeous doggies that are long coated and shed a lot – I know what a pain in the behind it can be to keep your house (and clothes) fur free! My two darlings are predominately white – ergo: all my black tops have a lovely splatter of white fur – fashionable? Ermmm, no.  I have no idea how much money we have spent on hair rollers!

Here are some tips that might help with the shedding – of course it won’t make them stop shedding, but it will certainly help lessen (especially during summer when they shed the most)

  • BRUSH BRUSH and BRUSH again. No matter how much your pampered pooch hates it, tries to bite you, growls, hides, pee’s on your shoes, you must persist.  Brushing not only gets rid of dead hair (what they shed), but it promotes a healthy coat too! We use the MARS Coat King, which is a brilliant dog groomer and is very gentle on your doggies coats (believe me I know, BG#1 constantly tries to bite me everytime I attempt to brush him)
  • VACUUM VACUUM and VACUUM again. I hate vacuuming, but this greatly reduces the fur flying everywhere. This can also help with getting rid of/ reducing fleas that can live in your carpets for as long as 2 years without animals/humans to feed off.  Fleas wait till its warm enough to hatch and then latch themselves onto your poor unsuspecting pooches – causing them major discomfort and hence, scratching which leads to extra fur being shed! I HATE FLEAS.
  • Bathe them more often during summer. This not only leaves them with a healthy coat, but will leave them smelling lovely too! A gentle oatmeal shampoo will clean without drying the skin and rejuvenate a lackluster coat.  We use John Paul Mitchell’s Oatmeal Shampoo, first given to us to try when we received a free sample of in our goodie bag from the Battersea Dog’s and Cat’s home Charity Dinner we attend yearly. Its brilliant.
  • Feed quality dog food.  We use Lily’s Kitchen Organic dog food – its organic, grain free, and we know exactly what’s in it.  Try to avoid food that have access ash, oil and worse : Animal Derivatives. Better yet – try and cook your pooch a meal yourself.  A good diet leads to a healthy coat and a happier doggy.
  • Have regular vet check-ups if you think your pooch is shedding too much.  So many diseases could affect the skin and coat of your darling pooches – if you think your pooch is shedding excessively, visit your vet to air your concerns, they will help identify problems early, and provide more effective treatment. And if its nothing to worry about – no one will blame you for being an over-protective owner – at least you can sleep better at night.

Until next time doggy-lovers, I hope you find my tips useful for your pooches!! Now – where is that naughty BG#1?! I have my brush ready waiting for him for a luscious coat!


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