Tony Stark is worth the crazy amount we spent on hotdogs!

how very nutritious!

how very nutritious!

We went to see Iron Man 3 last night – and I just want to put it out there.  Tony Stark, will you marry me?!  The better half was not as impressed with the show, ‘how can he take so many hits and still be standing – it’s just not possible dah-ling’! Ermmm, its a film you numptee! AND he’s Ironman, of course he can take hit after hit and still win in the end!

We are not fans of 3D – I don’t know why really – its just a little odd. And it costs more PLUS you have to don very unfashionable glasses. I don’t know if 3D adds anything to the whole movie watching experience, I know its a really big thing, but do i really need to experience bullets flying at me? I think not. 2D will do me just fine thanks!

What the better half was (also) not impressed with – the cost of our hotdog and nachos dinner (plus a large fanta orange of course) HOW MUCH?!?! he exclaimed, causing the already blushed cheeks of mine to grow redder. Now, I used to work in a cinema – but that was back home and of course, the exchange rate was different and so the cost was a little (OK alot) less. Then again, the cost of the movies tickets are alot more here as well.  I guess its just a matter of where you are in the world and the cost of things just adjust.



Did I think it was an absurd amount to pay for nachos (with extra cheese and jalapenos), a long hotdog (which I smothered in 3 different sauces just to get our moneys worth) and a calorie-packed fanta? Of course it was. BUT.  Its all part of the movie experience, isn’t it? AND. It was for Tony Stark. Well worth it.

Iron Man 3. Watch it. Its action packed – Robert Downey Junior is gorgeous. Jarvis is brilliant (I am attempting to build on in my garage after I tidy the shit out if it) Iron Woman? Watch this space.

Are you going to see Iron Man 3 too? Tell me what you think!

Happy movie watching my lovelies!


One thought on “Tony Stark is worth the crazy amount we spent on hotdogs!

  1. Cristina Mangraviti

    I know “we” don’t like 3D.
    Vision, like any other sensorial ability, is learned.
    Our generation would have to “learn” how to “see” in 3D, like everything else.
    Each part of our brains is responsible for a different task: speach, vision, taste, smells.
    If you show a picture with two people in it to a brazilian Indian who lives in the jungle, they won’t understand or see it how we do.
    Imagine two people in a corridor, one closer to the camera and the other far away. When we see the photo we know how to interpret the distance in a photo, the lengh of the corridor. A red Brazilian Indian will see it as a small and a big person.
    And the same goes for us old folks have to learn this new form of perception. So I suppose the explanation to this is our old age. This 3D business is for the young generation…


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