What’s in your handbag?

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You mean, what’s NOT in my handbag?! I never really thought much about what’s in my handbag – all I know is I pretty much need everything in there! At the moment, Money Supermarket are having a fabulous competition where you tell them what’s in your bag.  In return, you could win a Mulberry Bayswater, Continental Purse and Phone Cover,. Read more about the competition here.

I have my ‘work’ bag and then my going out bag.  This post will be about what’s in my work bag – as this is what I carry (I mean lug) around daily.

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This MaxMara bag I bought from Bicester Village (outlet store) – I absolutely love going there. I once bought a dress that was priced at over £1000 discounted to £180. It really is a brilliant place to get great deals! This bag is HUGE – which is what I need for my daily work bag.  I paid about £400 for it – discounted from about £800. I bought the cute little doggy make up bag from Next in their sale last year- £5!

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My Sony laptop was a gift from my folks last year for my birthday. I was mugged (the bastards) in early June and lost everything. 🙁  My parents bought me this as they knew my old one was dead, and it was also something to cheer me up from the wallowing pit I was hanging out in.  I carry this with me everyday as I blog during my lunch time at work.

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I love Chanel Allure – it smells ohh-la-la! I have a few fragrances that I toggle between and this week smell of the week is this one.

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My Christian Dior purse – this is about 8 years old and I bought this with my very first pay check way back when. Its a little small and my cards struggle to fit in here – it also doesn’t help that I have an uncanny ability to collect tons of coins! My old wallet was in my bag that was stolen and I refuse to pay for another wallet so I’m just using my old one. Works fine so I’m happy! Blistex is important as I use heels at work and in order to look fabulous, I have to grit my teeth and break new shoes in.  This bad boy helps me ease the pain a little, while still letting me look fabulous. 🙂 I always carry Piriteze with me as I am allergic to the stupidest things – ibuprofen, certain cheeses etc – I know, its ridiculous right! These tablets help me should i have an allergic reaction to God knows what. I always carry gum with me – this flavour is gorgeous – Bubblegum Mint! Y-U-M-M-Y.

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Make up. This is an integral part of my handbag – I am ready should I have to suddenly spruce up for a meeting with a long lost friend or a date with the better half who has decided to surprise me after work with dinner reservations.  I always have 1 lipstick, 2 lip glosses  NARS in Tiber and MAC Hug Me for work, and a red gloss in  MAC in Venetian for going out. Mascara (one for eyelashes one for under eyelashes) powder (Revlon almost naked) blusher (Burberry Russet Blush) eyeliner (YSL and MAC khols), highlighter YSL Touche Eclat and my MAC brushes.

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IPhone 5.  I hate to say it – but I would be lost without this (literally I’m terrible with directions!) All my songs and pictures are on here. More importantly, me and the better half’s schedule is on here so I know what he’s doing and vice-versa.  We use this so we don’t double book each other which is fab. Sorry about the picture – for some reason the stupid camera cut the bottom bit off! 🙁

*Also in my bag but not in the picture*

Crabtree and Evelyn Handcream. I really should use this more often as I have terrible dry hands. I don’t unfortunately. I love the citrus smell of this hand cream – given to me as a free gift when I bought a gift for a cousin last year from there.  *note to self: USE MORE HANDCREAM OR YOU WILL HAVE WRINKLY HANDS*

Clean and Clear Oil Blotter. I have combination skin and so need this to dry off any access oil during the day. I don’t want my face to be mistaken for a frying pan with tons of oil in it! Hahaha. 🙂 This is an integral part of my blog too as I review foundations and at 3.15pm I do an ‘Oil Blot Test’ for that particular foundation I’m testing.

That’s about it folks. (should’ve done this post on a Friday – I would have had a pair of shoes in there!!) 🙂  The contents of my bag – estimated cost of everything? Maybe less than a grand – BUT they are all insured as after being mugged last year – I’m not taking any chances (bloody bastard muggers!). Voila!

These “What’s in my handbag” blog posts are always so popular and if you’re considering entering the competition with Money Supermarket for the chance to win all three Mulberry prizes, Its simple!

All you do is;

Create a blog post about what’s in your handbag and email the blogpost link to: competitions@moneysupermarket.com with “What’s In Your Handbag” in the subject link. Find all the details and T&C’s here, If your a little confused and this is your first time doing a post about this like me, there are fabulous examples from other bloggers on the link I provided earlier.  Got to be in it to win it people! The lucky winner will be picked out of a hat – so get praying people! haha 🙂

Good luck to all who enter! 🙂


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