Howdy everyone! My name is Milly and I am a 3-5 year old English Bull Terrier Cross. I am a resident at the fabulous Battersea Dogs and Cats home and I am looking to find new owners that will benefit from my loyal and loving companionship.  I’ve been here for a while and now, So I sure am ready to move on to my new forever home!

I am quite a sensitive girl with a beautiful soul and a big heart – I have so much love to give that its almost bursting out from me!  I may be worried around new people and new situations so I am looking for owners who would help build up my confidence by providing a positive and calm attitude around me. I am quite happy to sit at your feet and snuggle while you read a book!

Oh my goodness – I sure do love my toys  – I can play with them all day long! Good toy + Milly  = bliss!  There is another thing that I love (and grabs my attention of course!) and that is my love for food and treats! These can be used as treats or rewards to form a closer bond with me.  Once I have settled in with you, I promise I will be a loyal companion and will blossom into a wonderful, loving doggy. I promise you are absolutely going to adore me as much as the lovely people at Battersea adore me! (not very hard as I am utterly adorable and lovable and lovely!) 🙂

If you think I am the perfect dog for you, have your people get in touch with my people.  🙂  Please contact the lovely Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on 0843 509 4444 and quote my reference number 13/00618 for more information – the nice people there will arrange for a meeting. You won’t regret meeting me! See you real soon.



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