Aloha guys! My name is Patch and I am a 9-year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Staffie for short. I am currently a resident at the lovely Battersea Dogs and Cats home. Its brilliant here and the volunteers love me – not hard seeing as how brilliant I am – not to mention good looking (please see my gorgeous smile in the picture above!) I adore people and on my days out and about, look forward to making as many human friends and doggy friends as doggi-ly possible! I’m just a friendly chap like that!

I love love love having my tummy rubbed. It tickles me but I get maximum joy from it and so do the people that tickle me! Believe me, if I could laugh, you would hear it! Hahaha. 🙂  I am also a huge fan of my toys. When I’m not being walked by one of the many lovely volunteers here, I keep myself pre-occupied playing with my toys – I can spend hours playing with my toys!

Yet another thing I love – eating. I could eat for Great Britain. I especially love treats and these are often used to train me – who said you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks eh?

I am looking for a forever home with owners that need a lifetime of love and laughs. I promise to be good and will really show you how loveable and loyal I really am once I’ve settled down with you (preferably with a good toy, some treats and sitting by your feet!) . Please call one of the lovely people at the home on 0843 504 4444 to arrange a meeting with me – don’t forget to quote my reference number 13/01137.

See you real soon!



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