Baked Doggy Fishy Treats

Today is my BG#1′ s Rockstar’s 6th birthday.  Which means two things to him.  One – the diet is off today and two – we are going to be singing happy birthday to him whether he likes it (or understands it) or not.

I bought the cutest thing from America on the 2nd of January – a cookie cutter in the shape of a papillon. This was going to be the start of a frenzy of dog-baking and crazy cookie cutting so I am very excited. I bought a couple of books with recipes of which I will share as we go along – more recently, I bought ‘Dinner for Dogs’ from Lily’s Organic Kitchen (the doggies love lily’s food) and this recipe is from that very book – takes 45 minutes to make – and best of all, its super duper easy and the dogs love love love it.

Recipe below:



I got the tuna in Sunflower Oil

I got the tuna in Sunflower Oil

Empty fish and its oil into a bowl and flake with a fork.

beaten egg (466x350) mixed egg (350x466)
Beat an egg and stir the mixture into tuna fish until combined

Add flour

Add flour

Add flour and mix till lumpy

cutter (350x466) cutter filled (350x466)

Fill shape of your choice (in my case – doggy cut outs!!)

oven (350x466)

Place shapes onto baking sheet/baking tray and bake for 20 minutes till golden brown on 180C/gas 4.

Wait till cool – then feed to good and/or naughty doggies! 🙂

Happy baking!


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