A day in the life of Colin


Hiya folks! My name is Colin, and I am a one year three month old Maltese Pomeranian cross dog. I live with my mummy and my grandma in South-East London in a small but cozy flat, but mummy and grandma take me out for walks.  I live happily there.

When I say I’m lazy, it doesn’t mean I don’t like to play. Oh I love to play. But I like to play rough! I bite a lot, and sometimes I forget how strong I am and I bite a bit too hard. Mummy always tells me off, but I’m too naughty to listen to her.  Sorry mummy!  Here is a picture of my beautiful mummy and me; mummy likes to pose to – but I’m wayyyyy better at it. Check it out people!  🙂

mummy and me

mummy and me

I’m also a big scaredy-cat dog. I’m scared of everything, but other doggies and noise mainly. I hate the kitchen. I never go there because of the noises that come from there are just odd. When grandma needs a break from me (after biting her too many times or stealing her socks!) she goes to the kitchen as I never ever go there. Its like her secret hideout!

I have loads of toys, but my favourite is stealing mummy’s or grandma’s socks to have a good old chew – they try to catch me, but I’m like the flash – too fast! Forget the cool toys fellow doggies – socks are the new in thing and they are tasty!

Please see picture below for evidence of my crazy sock playing-fun!

me and mummy's sock!

me and mummy’s sock!

I have a bath almost every week. Mummy avoids doing it on a weekly basis as she says it might make my skin itch if she washes me too much – which is good as I don’t like the bathroom either – too noisy. Did I mention I don’t like noise yet? Hehehe. 🙂



Pastime #1 : Food and Eating. Loads. Ermmm, hello – I’m half Brazilian, of course I love eating! Did you think the only thing I was good at was dancing samba?!

ermmm - hello - any food in there!?

ermmm – hello – any food in there!?

I love eating. I could eat for Brazil (where mummy and grandma are from) or for England (our home now). Eat Eat Eat. Yum Yum Yum.

hey - where's my food?!

hey – where’s my food?!

wakey wakey grandma - its time to play!!

wakey wakey grandma – its time to play!!

I am very sweet and loveable. When mummy’s alarm clock goes off in the morning I lick her eye lids to make sure she wakes up, and if mummy or grandma are sad and cry for any reason, I also lick their tears away. On top of that – I really enjoy sitting on grandma when she’s asleep! She loves it too (she secretly told me!). Teeheehee 🙂


Pastime #2: SLEEP! Hey – its hard work being this cute!! Lots of play makes Colin a sleepy little doggy.

colin9  colin17

nothing like a good chew bone for me to keep myself busy with!

nothing like a good chew bone for me to keep myself busy with!



During the day – I keep myself busy with all sorts of things to do – like chewing on bones and annoying poor grandma and chasing her round the house (and up the wall!!).  I love her though – I just love being naughty more!!





Here is a picture of me and my lovely grandma;

me and grandma

me and grandma (when she’s not in the kitchen of course!


me striking a pose

cute begging face - ON

cute begging face – ON

I am lucky I have found a very loving and caring family to love and treasure me. I am very spoiled indeed, but I am so damn gorgeous that is only fair if they do 🙂 I mean, come on people, how could you resist THIS face:

I'm so damn cute it hurts

I’m so damn cute it hurts

Right – I’m off for now people – lots of socks to steal and chew on, and grandma has just come out of the kitchen!


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