Red Nose Friday

Red Nose Day! Have a laugh!

Red Nose Friday! Have a laugh!

Today is Red Nose Day – which means I get to use my Marilyn Monroe top designed by Stella McCartney – bought from TKMaxx last month! Paired it with Zara matt jeans and my Secret Sales Charles Jourdan shoes.  Glasses were bought half price form Zara during their sale.

What is Red Nose Day? Well, Red Nose Day is the main way in which Comic Relief raises money. All the money you raise goes to various great charities, I love the line – Do something funny for money!’ There are celebrities that do one off things for this very special day, like Jessie J, who bravely shaved her head bald on live TV.  Tinie Tempah did press-ups over raw eggs, the more you donated, the more press-up he would do!  There are host of other celebrities doing all all sorts of great marvelous things all in the name of charity (NO – before you ask, I just couldn’t shave my hair off – everything else I can!) Check out the website here  Don’t forgot to donate!- better still, do something funny for money!!.


P/S: I’m sorry the picture was taken in my bathroom – the only full length mirror we have is currently not hug up – and the house is a mess as we just had it re-carpeted. It looks like the house has been bombed!

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