Spring Fun with Ted Baker and Mango

Ted Baker Eleano Jeans, Mango top

Ted Baker Eleano Jeans, Mango top

Ted Baker – I love em’ and have various bits and pieces scattered all round my wardrobe. Totally enamored with my Ted Baker Eleano Summer Bloom printed jeans – my very first pair or printed jeans too! I love that the pattern is not too ‘busy’, by that, I mean you still see patches of cream and a scatter of summer bloom flowers in just the right places.  Costs £109 (gasp!) but these are the only ones I’m going to get these summer so I thought I would splash out a little (and I had my bonus today). Get these lovelies here.

IMG_7975 (467x700)

The top is from Mango when I was visiting Singapore – I couldn’t find it in the online store here, so I have found you a very similar one here.

IMG_7971 (700x467)

Shoes were from Singapore too – a home grown brand called Pedro.  Ill try and look for a similar one – Ive not found one yet unfortunately 🙁 .

Right – must dash off as we are going to see Iron Man 3 now – Tony Stark is my secret lover. Hahaha. Laters my lovelies.


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