Victoria Beckham for Rock and Republic jeans and Charles Jourdan shoes

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Rejoice my child – for thou are able to fit into, once again, said jeans.

Today is the day to rejoice. These jeans are special, Victoria Beckham’s first foray into the fashion world, long before she became the toast of British Fashion – which I bought 5 years ago, at an almighty stupid price (in my defence the money went to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital as the shop I bought it from were selling these as part of a charity fundraiser).

I don’t know where you can buy they from anymore the jeans. Be careful though – there are loads of fakes around, an easy way to check is that all the jeans form her design is 36″, so anything shorter is probably a fake. Also, be prepared to pay around the region of over £300.

Until 4 years ago – I could not fit into them anymore. I was gobsmacked. Not because I realised I put some weight on and therefore I could not fit in them, I was gobsmacked because I only got to use these for a year and I paid an insane amount of money for it (I will not divulge how much I paid on here in case my mother reads in and at 28 – I’m still scared of a telling off from her!)

Last Monday, my boss J, asked if I lost weight. I’m used to these comments, but only because people don’t realize how small I actually am and everytime I use a turtleneck top which hugs my body, it looks like I’m ultra thin and have lost weight. In actual fact – I hadn’t, so I laughed it out. Tuesday – A asked if I was on a diet. No was my reply. Wednesday, the better half said I was looking a bit thin – not something he says very often – and so I started to wonder.   Could I possibly have lost some weight and now could fit into these elusive jeans?! I stepped into them and what do you know – I could! To say I was happy, would be an understatement.

That was Friday’s outfit then – I paired them with a black turtle neck top (similar one here) and the Charles Jourdan shoes I bought half price from Secret Sales. I thought I looked quite nice really – if I am allowed to say so myself!


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