Baked fish with white sauce

Baked fish with white sauce

Baked fish with white sauce

One of the best things about this baked fish with white sauce recipe is how bloody quick it is to make. From oven to gob in about half an hour. And it tastes so clean too. What’s more, you can cook up as many (or keep it plain and simple without any but the Dr might have something to say about that, five a day and all that!!) types of vegetables to go with this meal.  We had boiled potatoes, steamed spinach and runner beans. You can use any white fish you want – we used halibut loin. So, get your timers out people – half hour dinner coming up!

What you need for the white sauce:

IMG_0248 (1000x667)

  • Olive Oil
  • Double cream
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 or 2 cloves of garlic (depending on how garlic-ky you like your food)
  • Some lemon juice (more lemon can be used if you like pulling sour faces)


IMG_0247 (1000x667)

Chop fish into two (or however many pieces if you have a bigger fish) and place on aluminum foil in glass dish. Remember to adjust the quantity of the white sauce if you’re increasing the fish portions. 🙂

IMG_0249 (1000x667)

Drizzle olive oil on the fish – rub into fish and flip over and do the same to the other side.

IMG_0250 (1000x667)

Season generously with black pepper and salt.

IMG_0251 (1000x667)

Wrap up like a shiny christmas present and put in the oven at 180deg for 13 minutes. In the meantime, whip up the white sauce.

IMG_0252 (1000x667)

Slice up garlic – 1 or 2 depending on how many you fancy. We used 2.

IMG_0254 (1000x667)

Separate egg yolk from the egg white.

IMG_0255 (1000x667)

Measure out 60ml of olive oil and place in a tumbler.

IMG_0258 (667x1000)

Add chopped garlic to the olive oil.

IMG_0257 (667x1000)

Squeeze a dash of lemon juice to the concoction – not too much though (unless you like pulling sour faces)

IMG_0259 (667x1000)

Add a dash of double cream.

IMG_0260 (1000x667) IMG_0262 (1000x667)

We used a bamix to whizz the whole lot up until a creamy white sauce emerges.

IMG_0263 (1000x667)

Ding – there goes the oven! Yes – 13 minutes is all it took! Remove the fish from the foil. (by this time, you should have had some vegetables on the boil by the way!)

IMG_0264 (1000x667)

Pour gorgeous white sauce on the fish and serve hot! Season how you like it with salt and pepper. Enjoy! 🙂

Ta-daa! Happy cooking!



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