Singapore Style Bee-Hoon (that’s angel hair noodles to you)

Singapore Style Bee Hoon

Kimmy loves Singapore Style Bee Hoon

My parentage is of a mixed one, much like this dish.  On my identity card, it says ‘Eurasian’, yep, you guess it, European and Asian mix. Ive always however, considered myself to be Asian, having been born and bred there. I have had, however, a very happy content childhood, my mother – a half english/half asian lady, lived for cooking and loving us (don’t know why, we were awful to her most of the time!! – sorry mum it was the other two I swear!) And this was her dish. No one makes this like she does. Ive just improvised really. Its called Singapore Style Bee Hoon (or Eurasian bee hoon whichever tickles your fancy)

This dish, is very popular in Singapore. Its almost as a staple as Hainanese Chicken Rice  – which I again, have attempted to re-make. This particular recipe below, is adapted by me.  You can substitute the pork ribs for any other type of meat; chicken, beef, or even prawns, but this is best with pork I feel.

As usual, we had to be out of something, and this time it was eggs. No bother, I will put the appropriate tag in should you want it do it properly.

It is a very simple dish, but its so hearty and every time I make it, it reminds me of home which I love.

Right, here is my recipe (sorry mummy if you’re reading this – It’ll never be as good as yours!)


  • 4 or 5 carrots
  • 2 or 3 packets of fine green beans
  • 1 or 2 large onions
  • 3 eggs
  • Bee Hoon (or angel hair/rice noodles)
  • Chilies to garnish

Now, I realise that I have not specified how much noodles to use – that’s because I don’t know how much I use.  I grab a handful and if i think its not enough when I put it in a pan and it looks too little – i put more in – that’s the way my mum does it and so Ive followed suit.

IMG_7555 (800x533) IMG_7573 (800x533)

Peel the carrots and use grater to grate into smaller pieces, cut the fine green beans into diagonal strips, slice the onion(s)

Fry till fragrant, careful it doesn't burn!

Fry till fragrant, careful it doesn’t burn!

Heat up two tablespoons of olive oil into a pan, add onions and fry till fragrant (usually about 5-7 minutes)

fry fry fry!

fry fry fry!

Add in grated carrots and fine beans.  Cook for 7 minutes.

IMG_7562 (800x533) IMG_7566 (800x533)

If your pork ribs are like mine and need to be stripped from the bone, use two forks to shred the pieces of meat together. Don’t firget to keep any juices the meat comes in (if its a tin) If you are using another type of mean, just cut to desired pieces.

mmm - meaty!

mmm – meaty!

Add meat into the pan. Fry for 6 minutes on lower heat (make sure you keep frying as you don’t want it to burn) Now after the meat is fully incorporated and mixed well, whip the eggs in a bowl and pour over mixture in pan. Wait for it to cook a little on the top, then scramble the whole lot!

IMG_7578 (800x533) IMG_7580 (800x533)

Add the noodles in – MIX MIX MIX. Make sure the ingredients and fully incorporated with the noodles.

my secret weapon and every part-asians magic trick

my secret weapon and every part-asians magic trick

Taste the noodles and at this point – I whip out my special sauce, light soy sauce that is. Season to taste.

Make sure noodles are mixed through and through

Make sure noodles are mixed through and through

MIX MIX MIX noodles!

IMG_7583 (800x533) IMG_7584 (800x533)

In the meantime, cut some chillies and if you like, the Asian way is to put the chilies in a bowl and add a dab of soy sauce to it (this was to perhaps lessen the heat of the chilies)

Serve up hot!

Kimmy love Bee Hoon

Kimmy loves Bee Hoon


Happy cooking!


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