Body Shop Honey and Oat Scrub

Body Shop Honey and Oat Scrub


Name: Body Shop Honey and Oat 3 in 1 Scrub Mask

Price: £10.00

Where : Body Shop Outlets, Body Shop Online

I read that honey and oat masks are one of the best masks you can make at home – it’s simple, all you need is honey and oats – both relatively cheap and easy to find. I found this mask sitting next to the Tea Tree Mask (a favourite of mine) and I thought, if someone mixed the right parts of honey and oats for me to save me the trouble of messing up my kitchen, and of course getting the amounts of honey and oats totally wrong, then who am I to argue?!

I have very dry skin sometimes, so the moisturizing effect this mask claimed to have appealed to me greatly. Once opened, you get that sickly sweet honey smell and while it might be too much to some, I simply loved it. It’s quite rich and thick so you don’t need much when applied. The instructions say weekly, so as with all my other trials, I tried it for one month. My dry skin was kept at and my skin was left feeling quite smooth – was it glowing? No – but it left my skin feeling and looking very supple, and since my skin is so hard to buy for, finding a product that I don’t violently react to and actually works on me is a God-send. For £10.00, definitely worth a buy and lasts well over 3 months when used once a week.

There are other brands I would like to try first before re-buying this immediately, but I will do (one day) seeing as how I don’t react to it.

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