Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask

Body Shop Tea Tree Mask


Name: Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask

Price: £10.00

Where : Body Shop Outlets, Body Shop Online


Tea Tree is the best cure for pimples, as sworn by Dr’s I have met. I’ve got Tea Tree oil, Tea Tree body scrubs, Tea Tree soap and Tea Tree exfoliating pads. I have always had pimples – a curse bestowed on me and my poor giraffe-legged baby sister since we was young. Now in my late twenties – nothing has changed and I have been on antibiotics for as long as 2 years to help get rid of these pesky pimples that plague my life no end.

I was on a mission to try and cure my pimples with products so I could stop relying on pills when my doctor advised trying Tea Tree – so I went a little crazy and bought a load of Tea Tree products. The body shop offered, among other Tea Tree products, a Tea Tree mask, promising to remove impurities, absorb excess oil (yet another of my curses) and soothes skin (I presume for those of us who execute the right to poke, prod and burst our pimples hence leaving a nasty red swollen spot in its wake).

This is my favourite mask from the body shop. It smells divine and a bonus is that it always gets rid of the oil on my face! It took me 2 weeks to notice my skin clearing and I love the tingling feeling it leaves on your face afterwards. I use this once a week as at £10, it’s a pricey buy and because it’s quite thin, I find myself having to use quite a bit to cover my big face!  I have had less breakouts, but I must admit because I only use it once a week, it’s not enough to keep my pesky pimples at bay – so while I am on less antibiotics now, the mask didn’t not totally get rid of my issues as I have way too many different types of annoying bumps – still though, I would recommend this to anyone with basic pimple issues – it works if you stick with it. Give it at least a month (or more) to really see results and those pesky pimples gone!

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