Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector



Name: Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

Price: 30ml £39.50, 50ml £55.00

Where: Clinique counters, Online



Last week, you might remember that I had a terrible terrible breakout, I was trying out Clinique’s Even better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.  Hence my no sugar, no salt etc diet.  Well, this Saturday, my skin had calmed down a little and I thought I would give it another chance.  I assumed that that could have contributed to my skin outbreak and so had to stop last week.

I used it from Friday night till now, Sunday. I stopped because I had severe dry skin and some breakouts.  Perhaps it was the cream after all. Which is a real shame as I really wanted this to work as I really need for to even out my skin tone – I’ve got old scars etc that has darkened parts of my face – making me look, a little, odd (to say the least)

Grrrr, so upset it reacted the way it did with my skin.

Check out the before


before – somewhat relaxed (believe me this is as good as it gets with my stupid skin)

and after:



I don’t know if you can see – the pictures might be too small. I have patches of dry skin and quite a few more red bumps. Stupid sensitive skin! Curse you!

Get it here if you think your skin is not as sensitive as mine.


UPDATE: Lovelies, the flare up and dry skin might be due to me having my (look away boys) period – which came the following Wednesday, read that post here. I also realised that while I was testing out this clinique cram – I was also testing out two other creams – and so that might have contributed! Its a case of mixing TOO many creams I think! I will have to try this Clinique cream out again and update you with another post! Cross your fingers it works!

Love love.


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