Decleor Cleansing Milk

Decleor Cleansing Milk



Name: DECLÉOR Cleansing Milk

Price: £20.00 for 200ml

Where : DECLÉOR Online



I bought this together with another product from my local beautician.  I had mentioned that I used wet wipes to remove my make-up and the almighty gasp that followed my therapist’s shock sent me into a frenzy – after all, I had been using wet wipes to remove my makeup all my life! She mentioned that the alcohol in some of the wipes might play in a part in contributing to my very dry skin. She recommended a cleansing milk to remove my make-up and ta-daa! Enter the world of Decleor Cleansing Milk.

This is a very light, very floral, very milky substance that you need very little of to remove a full face of make-up, waterproof mascara included! After application, you can choose to either wash of, or wipe off with cotton pads (after which I moisturize but you don’t need to really, it’s just I have very dry skin) It leaves the skin surprisingly soft and lovely smelling.  Does exactly what it says on the box – which I like. It costs £20 for 200ml – which costs a lot more than a pack of wet wipes BUT it lasts quite a while so I reckon this is a better option.

favicon The Good: Worth the money – lasts a long time, removes waterproof make-up effectively (no scrubbing required)

favicon The Bad: Strong floral smell of product may turn some people off, might be sensitive to it

favicon The Ugly: None

Get it here online.

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