Decleor Hydra Floral


Name: DECLÉOR Hydra Floral

Price: £32.20 for 40ml or £39.80 for 50ml

Where : DECLÉOR Online


By now I’m sure you know a few things about me – and my skin is one I know I go on about quite a lot. I had been reading up on how to get rid of my milia/acne/pimple/scarring and came up with IPL – which promised to be a fast and painless procedure. I found out that my local beautician offered this and was invited to go down for a patch test. Now I have been here before facials, so I knew all the girls quite well.

Off I went one Saturday afternoon and the test was done – on my cheek. A slightly hot sensation followed and soon enough, I was off home. As soon as I got home, the better half asked what happened to my face – it had three prominent lines on it. He said (and i’ll never forget this) ‘looks like you got newspaper ink on your face’.  I looked in the mirror and was mortified. I was burned. I went back to the shop and was given loads of cream to help with the burning and was told to come back on Sunday where the manager wanted to see me. Suffice to say I was beside myself.

This was one of the creams given to me to help my skin and I cannot say it did much really – mind you, I had so many other creams to put on as well  – I don’t know if I gave it a chance to work. This is one cream that I will have to give a second chance very soon. Will update you once Ive tried it out (again)!

favicon The Good: Smells lovely, quickly absorbed in the skin

favicon The Bad: Can feel a little heavy

favicon The Ugly: A little expensive

Get it here online.

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