Karin Herzog Acne Kit with Oxygen Face Cream

Karin Herzog

Karin Herzog

I’ve read loads about Karin Herzog in the news recently – the brand is famous for their ‘oxygen’ induced creams. Ive been trying out their Acne Kit in a bid to try and get rid of my problematic skin – it truly is a curse to have such issues at a grand old age of 28 – not to mention embarrassing. 🙁

As you know, I have such tricky skin and am still on the lookout for what could cure my stupid skin of its annoying bumps and lumps. I had such high hopes for this ultra-expensive band of creams as I read such great things about the famous ‘oxygen face cream’ in the press and could not wait to try this out. For £101.00 you get the Cleansing Milk (great to remove stubborn mascara), Tonic Lotion, Mild Scrub and you get to choose between the Oxygen Face Cream or the Vita-A-Kombi 2 (supposed to be for over 30’s) so I chose the former.

The cleansing milk does its job with very little pressure applied – I have come across some cleansing milks that you have to literally scrub to get make up off. The mild scrub was like using a very fine sand, and when I say fine, it’s very very fine, almost smooth. This is apparently made up of ground white marble and helps unblock trapped toxins in the pores. I followed up with the tonic lotion and then finally, the oxygen face cream was the last step, and I had to remember not to massage the cream into my face, so little pats everywhere.

I did this twice a week and every morning after waking up, found my skin to have broken out in milia. It also left my skin a little oily, which didn’t help the cause. I don’t know, maybe my temperamental skin just didn’t agree with this cream – but I doubt I’ll give it another go as my skin is still recovering. The better half who’s skin is annoyingly perfect and seems to have no reaction the creams I hand over to him, will have to finish my extravagant purchase I’m afraid.


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